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Dear Tucson and Pima County residents.


This is not the time to freak out.  This should be our time to shine and be examples in our community.  If we do the things we are supposed to do (crazy stuff like washing our hands), we should be out of this sooner than you think.  I asked US Congressman Schweikert yesterday “How long will this thing last? His answer was 45-60 days.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel and we will hit the light sooner than you think.  Over the next several weeks, I ask all of you to do a few simple things:


  1. Live your life.  The various rhythms of everyone’s life is the lifeblood of your community. Disrupting that does not make these several weeks easier, but harder.

  2. Cut the crap with the hoarding.  I know it’s a normal response to try to convince yourself that you have some sort of control over something you consider uncontrollable, but slow your roll a little.  Buy extra, but leave some for your neighbor.

  3. Watch out for your neighbor, especially the older ones.  The folks who are the most vulnerable to this thing are folks in their 70s and 80s, especially if they have lung issues.  These folks have the stronger case to stay inside their domiciles. Ask if they need you to get groceries, prescriptions or dinner from their favorite Tucson restaurant.

  4. Try to be a little kinder and more courteous to the folks in your life and the strangers you may meet, especially when you are driving. The stress level is a little higher out there, please don’t add to it.  It’s better for you and them.

  5. Our friends in the tourism and restaurant business are going to bear the brunt of this economically.  While the underlying economy is still strong, cancelled conferences and fear of flying over the next few weeks will be hit to this sector.  I will say what I have been saying for years EAT LOCAL!. Over the next few weeks, hit your favorite spots 1 or 2 extra times. 


We will get through this, hopefully sooner than you think.  All of these mass gathering events are being cancelled so we can get through this sooner.  Don’t look at these cancellations as the end of the world, but as good decisions to mitigate the effect of all this.  Let’s be the shining example out there. Stay reasonable, live your life and watch out for each other.


Stay strong and classy, Tucson.


Chris DeSimone


Some good FACTS from a nice piece in the Green Valley News by Jorge Encinas


The World Health Organization reported there had been 88,913 COVID-19 cases globally, with 90 percent of them in China where the virus started and first reported on December 31.


 WHO reported 8,739 cases of COVID-19 outside of China, with 81 percent of those cases found in four countries.


The CDC reported on Tuesday the United States has 60 cases of COVID-19, with six deaths and 12 states affected.


Of the 60 cases, the CDC reported that 22 were travel-related, 11 were person-to-person and 27 are under investigation. Arizona is among the 12 states with COVID-19 cases reported.