Helping business and people get better for 20 years

I have been succesfully navigating the Arizona business scene for over 20 years. 
I have excelled in a variety of areas including:

    -Property Management
    -Direct Selling and Managing a Direct Sales Team
    -Marketing in and outside of the Tucson area
    -Customer Service Training and Evaluation
    -Business Practices Evaluation, Anaylsis,

      Corrective Actions and Turnaround
    -Tourism Marketing and Tour Development
    -Secret Shopper Program with Corrective Strategies
    -Benefit and Retirement Programs
    -Building a network of trusted partners in areas that are

      essential to improving a business
    -Public Relations and Understanding Local Media Options
    -Building National Marketing/Branding Concepts
    -Cross Border Tourism
    -Government Relations at all levels
    -Business and Life Coaching
If your business is struggling with

    ...Underperformance in the areas of revenue and/or profit...
    ...Bad online or direct reviews (they might be true!) of your operation...


...You are struggling with your place in the universe as a boss, manager or small business owner... 

You should probably set up a cup of coffee with me.  

It won't cost you a thing and we might end up working together

to solve your problems and/or put some more money in your pocket.

Just call me at 520-275-4955 or email at

From my regular stint writing a
column for Inside Tucson Business

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