Op-Eds that Local Papers Won't Run

From my regular stint writing a
column for Inside Tucson Business
Our local papers are know for a few things, but courage on 
their op-ed pages is not one of them.  They have a hard time calling out the powers-that-be on their failures to take care
of the basics of government.  The reason?  Is it because they share the same political beliefs? Maybe, ask them.
I want this page to be a place where people can get there thoughts published and make it shareable across the 
webisphere.  Please submit your op-eds to wakeuptucsoncomments@gmail.com.  No more than 750 words.  I will only edit for obvious grammar and spelling. Make it easy on me and triple check your work.  Not all submitted will make it, for various reasons.   Approved Op-Eds will appear at https://www.desimonehq.com/blog