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When is enough - ENOUGH????

I keep telling you that the city of Tucson is devolving...

The following email was sent to all of the most of the electeds and the bureaucrats of Pima County and the City by business owner Monica Carlson. Monica is also a steering committee member of the Tucson Crime Free Coalition.

Good Morning,

I am writing to inform all of you of the increase in crime and drug abuse that is happening. I know that you are all very aware of what's happening but are you really aware of the dramatic increase that is happening?

We own a business on Fort Lowell and Park. We work really hard trying to keep it clean, trying to pick up the constant drug paraphernalia that is left at the bus stop and all around our business, trying to make a safe environment for our employees and customers. This is a never ending task with so many hours being dedicated to cleaning up our small section of this city.

Yesterday (03/23/2023) we had something happen that has never happened before. Around 12:00 a man wandered into our business. He did not speak but was clearly out of his mind. Our two women secretaries were at their desks. One of the ladies asked the man to leave immediately. She again said to him- "You need to leave this place now". My husband was in his office, which is very rare, and heard the commotion. He went out to the lobby and saw a man with his pants halfway down, no underwear on and yes his front private parts were hanging out. Mike, my husband, told him to get out now- he was furious!!!!! He followed the man out the door and over to the next property. He told him to keep moving. Tha man walked to the bus stop where there were broken tile pieces on the ground. He picked up a big piece of sharp tile and put his arm back- like he was going to run at Mike and stab him with it. Mike has been assaulted many times at this same bus stop. Mike told him if he even tried to go after him that would be the end for him. The guy started walking down Fort Lowell- he turned around and started coming at Mike again - Mike warned him again. The man finally just kept walking. Mike then went in and called 911. After he got a hold of someone he was told to calm down! He was asked what color pants the man was wearing and was told that an officer would be at our business in the next few days to file a complaint. Mike then called Kevin Dahl's office and left a message. I am 100% positive this message was not a kind hearted message. To make matters worse- 2-3 hours later Mike was driving up 1st Ave. Traffic was stop and go for some reason. Mike could not see what was going on. He finally got up a little farther and here is the same crazed person- spinning in circles on 1st ave - holding his private parts and going to the bathroom - spraying cars - signs - the road - whatever was in his way! Again 911 was called and Mike was not leaving until an officer came - which they did. The officer was very nice but by the time this happened the guy was long gone.

My questions to you are -

1,) When is enough - enough?

2.) Why are you continuing to allow this type of action to happen?

3,) Why is there no consequence for this?

4.) Are you proud of yourselves for letting this continue to grow in severity?

5.) Do you EVER go to the businesses that are dealing with all of this and talk to them?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think of this question- Would you be OK if this happened at your office? Would you be ok if this man came in and your employees had to deal with him? Would you feel safe? The most important question I have for you is -

WOULD YOU BE OK IF THIS HAPPENED AND YOUR CHILD / GRANDCHILD or RELATIVE and they had to see and deal with this???? Our teenage girls are at our office a lot - what if they would have been there? How many people saw this traveling on 1st Ave? Believe me, if there were no other 911 calls on this - it is because NO ONE CALLS 911 anymore! They know there will be NO CONSEQUENCE and in the rare event that an officer does show up - it will be too late and the person calling is told to calm down! Would you be calm if you were dealing with this on a daily basis? I want you to REALLY think about that- Would you be calm????? Note- this is after so many calls to the Mayor (who never answers or returns calls), Our Ward office and numerous 911 calls with nothing happening. Would you be calm with the severity increasing and people coming to your business and exposing themselves in front of your employees? Would you be calm?

You have businesses and citizens suffering in this city! You have people scared to leave their employment at night! You have people that will not leave their homes at night! Yet the city, instead of doing something serious about this- this city is telling people how wonderful of a job they are doing - housing first - planting trees - telling people to get security cameras and lights - telling people to plant cactuses below their windows to deter these people! This is your answer?? Handing out "Free" flood lights, "Free" security cameras and "Free" safety landscaping? "Free" meaning we are paying for you to buy and distribute to who you think should have them and we continue to pay through taxes - this is NOT FREE! Why not deal with the problem instead of letting this continue? These CRIMINALS will not stop- they are getting more brasin - knowing it is OK to commit crime and do drugs in the open in Tucson. I know a lot of you will say this is happening everywhere- For your information- it is happening where the "elected people" are allowing it to happen, which is not everywhere!!!!!!

How can any of you sit back and let this continue? Why are the good tax paying citizens the people that have to deal with this and continue to pay for this - Why do we have to be the people that are suffering? Why do you want our children to grow up in this type of environment?

I would LOVE some answers to some of these questions.

Thank You,

Monica Carlson

Tucson Crime Free Coalition

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